Summer holidays are here…

… and that means it’s time for us, too, to take a small blogging break! But you can take Spain on your tablet with you to the beach or enjoy our articles comfortably at home with a glass of fresh sangria. Maybe you will even get inspired and decide to take a last minute short trip to Spain.

Here is an overview of the coolest summer destinations in Northern Spain for August where you can escape the summer crowds:

The northern Spanish region of Asturias is an always-green attraction for nature lovers. If you like to hike and be at the seaside, this is the perfect choice for you. You can also visit the Tito Bustillo Cave, one of the world’s most valuable archeological treasures.

The neighboring province of Cantabria also awaits, with a special highlight this year: the Jubilee of the Lebaniego Way, one of the world’s great Christian pilgrimages.

Or discover the Basque Country with its biggest city Bilbao, celebrating this year the 20th anniversary of the famous Guggenheim Museum.

In Galicia there is also a reason to celebrate this year: the village of Cambados was named “European wine capital of 2017”. Make sure to pass through Santiago de Compostela, the final destination of the St. James Way. And if you are ready to take a break from the city, visit the Cies Islands, known as “the Spanish Carribean” because of their clear turquoise waters.

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing summer!

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