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León: Gastronomic Capital 2018

The city of León, capital of the Castilla y León province, became the Gastronomic Capital of Spain on January 1, 2018. The city’s slogan ‘Manjar de Reyes’ (Food of Kings), recognizes the city’s historic connection with the Catholic monarchs Fernando de Aragón and Isabel de Castilla. No one can deny that the regional cuisine is […]

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Haute cuisine: Spain’s Michelin star restaurants

Food in Spain has always been celebrated for its diverse combinations of high quality ingredients, but recent years have seen Spanish cuisine evolve from traditional to utterly artistic. Dishes become masterpieces to delight the senses, and chefs like Adrià, Ruscalleda, Santamaría, and Roca have placed Spain at the forefront of international haute cuisine. With 185 […]

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Spain’s culinary masterpiece

When travelling through Spain, you’ll be delighted by the endless variety within the cuisine. The country makes creative use of its fresh seafood, wild game and livestock, and a rainbow of fresh produce. If only there were a dish that could combine all of these wonderful flavors…Wait, there is! Paella: a bite of Valencian history […]

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