Castilla La Mancha

  • Castilla La Mancha

  • Castilla La Mancha

    Don Quixote windmills
  • Castilla La Mancha

  • Castilla La Mancha

Castilla La Mancha

DMC Castilla La Mancha

The home of Don Quijote

This lonesome area with its windmills and middle-aged castles has reached worldwide popularity by the author Miguel de Cervantes and his famous book Don Quijote. The endless horizon of this area belongs to the classical image of Spain, which, however, still is not frequently visited. Yet it also offers imposing mountains, magnificent nature parks and traditional towns like Toledo or Cuenca.

The highland of the Serranía de Cuenca, the Alcarria and the Sierra de Alcaraz provide scenic variety.

Suggestions for Travel Packages – DMC in Castilla La Mancha:

  • Castle tour across La Mancha
  • On the traces of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza
  • Visit of the National Parks Tablas de Daimiel
  • Tour to the wine region Valdepeñas, the biggest wine-growing region of the world
  • Visit of Toledo, Spain’s former capital
  • Visit of Cuenca with its hanging houses
  • Canoe tour on the river Tajo