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The Ages of Man in Castilla and Leon

Apr 20, 2016

The Ages of Man (Las Edades del Hombre) religious foundation was created to promote the sacred art of the Castilla and Leon region of central Spain. Since its birth in 1988, the foundation has organized various important exhibitions highlighting the religious art and history of Castilla and Leon. This year’s exhibition presents a must-see opportunity for tour groups visiting the region!

Exhibition 2016: AQVA

Water throughout the ages has been used as a powerful religious symbol, which is why The Ages of Man foundation has dedicated its XXI edition, AQVA , to this essential element.

As in previous editions, the exhibition draws on selected works of Spanish heritage, mainly from Castilla and Leon, with artists including Pedro Berruguete, Francisco de Zurbarán, Juan de Juni, Gregorio Fernandez and Luis Salvador Carmona. Contemporary artists will also be featured, like Antonio Lopez and Carmen Laffon.

The exhibition is divided in six parts: Water of Life, its functions and cleansing power; Preparing Roads, water throught the events of the Old Testament; The Heavens Opened, centered on Saint John the Baptist; Christ, the Source of Living Water,  on the relationship of Christ with water; Baptism Saves Us, devoted to the sacrament of baptism; and Reborn of Water and Spirit, on those saints most related to water.

Edades del hombre

Toro: Rich in culture and cuisine

In addition to the AQVA exhibition, the city of Toro itself is rich in cultural heritage. It was once the scene of an important medieval court, and its fortress and part of the surrounding wall are preserved in good condition. Several different styles of architecture can be seen in the small village’s picturesque towers, churches and shrines.

Less than 20 miles from Toro is the town of Zamora, which has the largest collection of Romanesque buildings in all of Spain. Its castle dates back to the 11th century, with its walls enclosing the historic quarter of the city.

After a long day of sightseeing, tour groups will appreciate the excellent cuisine of the Toro and Zamora region and the diversity of ingredients and dishes. The region is also an important wine-producer, with vineyards lining the Duero River. Of course, most of these vineyards can be visited for tastings and tours.

Colegiata de Toro.tif

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AQVA on your tour

The Ages of Man exhibition is on display at two culturally important locations in Toro: the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre throughout 2016. Ask us for more information on taking advantage of this cultural opportunity during your Castilla y Leon tour!

Photos from Turismo Castilla y León