Murcia: Gastronomic Capital of 2020

In 2020, Murcia will take over as the official Capital of Spanish Gastronomy, organizing 1,001 activities over the course of the year, ranging from tapas routes and vegetable museums to a fruit and vegetable festival. According to the judges, Murcia won the prestigious award not only for its culinary variety but also for being a “very attractive region in all aspects”. Indeed, with its great diversity of high quality ingredients, along with plenty of culture and a perfect climate, Murcia was a natural winner.

1,001 Flavors

Murcia has organized a packed program of culinary activities taking place all throughout 2020. In fact, the city will host 1,001 activities, under the theme of the “Garden of 1,001 Flavors”. They will be divided into the four seasons: Lemon Winter Color, Eternal Spring Blossoms, Live the Summer, and Autumn with a Glass of Wine. Activities will include museum visits, gastronomy routes, fruit and vegetable festivals, healthy cooking workshops and culinary competitions among top chefs.

Murcia was chosen as Gastronomic Capital this year in part because it boasts several “denominations of origin”, for Calasparra rice, Jumilla pears, Murcia paprika, and Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla wines. The city is also known for its, migas (traditional fried bread crumbs), cheeses, rice dishes, vegetables, and fresh meat and fish. These excellent local ingredients are combined into endless combinations, making up Murcia’s rich and varied cuisine.

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More to do in Murcia

Gastronomy is undoubtedly one of Murcia’s big attractions, but the city and surrounding region have much more to offer. There is a truly ideal climate, with over 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, and a golden coastline bathed by the warm waters of two seas. Here your group will find endless beaches and small coves with lots of options for leisure, sports and wellness. The region is known for its spas and beauty centers, but many of its beaches are also considered open-air spas, with natural therapeutic mud and the hyper-saline waters of the Menor Sea.

The city itself is rich with culture and history, and you will have no shortage of monuments and museums to visit – for example, the 14th century cathedral and the Salzillo Museum featuring works by the renowned sculptor and Murcia native.

Group tours to Spain: Visiting the Gastronomic Capital on your tour

There are plenty of reasons to visit Murcia with your group, and with so many extra activities, 2020 is a perfect time. Get in touch with us to start planning your tour and get the most of Murcia’s culinary events – it will be an unforgettable experience for your group!


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