Monthly Archives: December 2019

City Portrait: Almeria

Located in eastern Andalusia, Almeria is a lively little city with a picturesque historic quarter, and plenty of culture to explore within it. It also boasts outstanding nature, and the surrounding area is made up of almost virgin beaches and important nature reserves filled with indigenous wildlife. Add great local cuisine to this mix, and […]

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Below the surface: Cave tourism in northern Spain

If your group is looking for a different kind of experience while on their tour in Spain, here is something that’s really off the beaten track: exploring the caves of northern Spain. For this thrilling adventure, you’ll need more than bathing suits and sun cream. Instead, think helmets, lanterns and rubber boots. With more than […]

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Iberian ham: The taste of Spain

Spain’s cuisine is recognized around the world for its high-quality ingredients and the endless diversity of dishes that can be prepared with them. Each region offers its own local specialties, and some of them have become iconic of Spain – for example, paella, gazpacho and churros with chocolate. But one delicacy stands out from the […]

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